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Sunday, August 23, 2015

THE TWILIGHT ZONE: Mr. Denton On Doomsday

Hosted by Rod Serling
Guest Stars:  Dan Duryea, Martin Landau, Jeanne Cooper, Malcolm Atterbury, Ken Lynch
Directed by Allen Reisner
(actor & director credits courtesy

A drunk in an old western town, tormented by the local toughs, is given the gift of a gun by a mysterious peddler.

This was the first of numerous period pieces on The Twilight Zone that brought supernatural occurrences to America's historical past.  It was bit of economical cleverness on creator Rod Serling's part to frame these tales so that they traded in on the popularity of the western genre, and avoided the more costly special effects and makeups of his science fiction plots.  With fine camerawork and editing, especially during the episode's climactic showdown, this installment also compares favorably with any television western, and veteran actor Duryea plays the title role admirably, conveying genuine weariness and shame through his performance.

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