Monday, August 24, 2015

THRILLER: The Twisted Image

Hosted by Boris Karloff
Guest Stars:  Leslie Nielsen, George Grizzard, Natalie Trundy, Dianne Foster, Constance Ford
Directed by Arthur Hiller
(actor & director credits courtesy

A married executive becomes the target of two people in his building, a young woman who's become infatuated with him, and a mailroom clerk who covets his life.

This single episode feels more like two, and might have been better served focusing solely on either Grizzard's or Trundy's character, rather than the both of them, with a bit too much emphasis on developing the multiple characters rather than ratcheting up the suspense.  Nonetheless it is still entertaining, moves along well with Hiller at the helm, and features a good group of actors.  There's some interesting visual ideas employed as well, especially during the climax.

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