Sunday, October 18, 2015


Hosted by Truman Bradley
Guest Stars:  Walter Kingsford, Judith Ames, Louis Jean Heydt, DeForest Kelley, Kenneth Tobey
Directed by Leon Benson
(actor & director credits courtesy

When the men serving at a military post in the Arctic report being able to read each other's thoughts, a scientific expert in mental telepathy is brought in to determine the cause.

Good scripting and acting take center stage in this episode and make for a winning formula with a cast of sci-fi veterans including Kingsford (The Invisible Ray), Tobey (The Thing From Another World), and Kelley (Star Trek's Dr. McCoy), who even plays a doctor!  The teleplay unveils an engaging mystery revealing a little at a time without spoiling the ending.  Viewers hoping for special effects will be disappointed, but the production engaged my interest.

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