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Thursday, December 31, 2015

H.G. WELLS' INVISIBLE MAN: Shadow On The Screen

Guest Stars:  Lisa Daniely, Edward Judd, Greta Gynt, Redmond Phillips, Andre Mikhelson
Directed by Pennington Richards
(actor & director credits courtesy

The Invisible Man's help is sought by a rescuer of refugees, trying to help a sailor being held captive aboard his ship after trying to escape.

With the villains using a rather ingenious form of radar to catch and trap the Invisible Man, this is a well-visualized and stronger than usual outing, even though we realize Brady will eventually outwit them as he always does, in typical fun fashion.  Brady's voice also seems rather different this time around, perhaps meaning someone was filling in for actor Tim Turner.

Saturday, December 26, 2015


Guest Stars:  Lisa Daniely, Helen Cherry, Colin Gordon, Hugh Latimer, Garry Thorne
Directed by Peter Maxwell
(actor & director credits courtesy

A celebrated actress accidentally kills a pedestrian with her car, but a bystander's insistence to forget the incident ever happened weighs heavily on her conscience.

Something of a departure from past episodes, with a more intricate plot and a more minor role for Brady, this installment is also perhaps non-coincidentally in the hands of a director other than Pennington Richards, who helmed each of the series' earlier adventures.  Although it doesn't wander far from the series' typical formula, there is a bit of a fresh approach, which I found welcome.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

H.G. WELLS' INVISIBLE MAN: Picnic With Death

Guest Stars:  Lisa Daniely, Deborah Watling, Derek Bond, Faith Brook, Margaret McCourt
Directed by Pennington Richards
(actor & director credits courtesy

After the existence of the Invisible Man is made public, a friend of his niece's appeals to him for help, fearing that her stepfather and his sister are trying to do away with her mother.

Although something of a pivotal episode as the first in which Brady's secret is revealed to the world at large, there isn't much else that stands out in this installment, even though it's a well-acted and staged adventure.  Still, it's good comfort food for fans of the series and a fun time-passer.

Thursday, December 3, 2015


Guest Stars:  Lisa Daniely, Deborah Watling, Zena Marshall, Lloyd Lamble, Rupert Davies
Directed by Pennington Richards
(actor & director credits courtesy

A foreign scientist speaks her mind during a conference in London, and is consequently imprisoned by her oppressive government in their embassy, but the Invisible Man comes to her rescue.

This episode suffers from too many noticeable wires during the effects sequences, but provides another engaging story, and a rare bit of romance for our invisible hero.  Guest star Marshall is very good conveying the appearance of being led or carried by Brady, especially in scenes where she's supposed to be unconscious.  There's not much to the story, but it's another winning outing.