Monday, January 25, 2016


Hosted by John Newland
Guest Stars:  Marcel Dalio, Cloris Leachman, Paul Dubov, Ann Codee, Ivan Triesault
Directed by John Newland
(actor & director credits courtesy

A photographer on assignment in France is visited by a stranger she presumes is there to sit for his portrait, but he has surprises in store for her. 

We have here another well-acted episode, with Dalio, who's career dates back to the 1930s, according to  IMDB, perfectly cast as the stranger with the expressive face who captivates Leachman's, but whose fascination turns to terror when she has him recall his past.  Her character's headaches are oddly never explained in the teleplay, making me wonder if there were some lines cut from the episode which would have tied these in to some unseen connection between the two actors.  Nonetheless, this is a quality episode, and a fine tribute to Dalio's talent.

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