Thursday, January 21, 2016

ONE STEP BEYOND: Emergency Only

Hosted by John Newland
Guest Stars:  Lin McCarthy, Paula Raymond, Clark Howat, Ross Elliott, Ann Staunton
Directed by John Newland
(actor & director credits courtesy

When a supposed psychic tells a guest at a cocktail party details of a possible tragedy in his immediate future, he's skeptical, until her predictions start coming true.

This is a terrific episode, augmented by good acting and a taut script.  Newland gets the ball rolling and draws the audience in by mingling with the characters at the beginning of the film as if he's one of them, and presenting us with the familiar setting of a cocktail party.  From there on in, we feel part of the experience, and even though we know what's going to happen from the prediction, the details that are left out build suspense until the climax.

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