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Monday, January 18, 2016

ONE STEP BEYOND: Night Of April 14th

Hosted by John Newland
Guest Stars:  Barbara Lord, Isobel Elsom, Patrick Macnee, Gavin Gordon, Marjorie Eaton
Directed by John Newland
(actor & director credits courtesy

A bride-to-be is plagued by terrible nightmares about her drowning, and is shaken to discover that her fianc√© has planned their honeymoon cruise aboard the RMS Titanic.

A bit more unusual than other outings of the series, in that the audience knows from history of the fate of the characters, this is an impressively staged production, with no stock footage used that I can determine.  I enjoyed how the script allowed not only the central character a premonition of the disaster to come, but a number of others as well in effective scenes, topped off by some eerie facts in Newland's epilogue.  There's also a fine collection of character actors in the cast that enhance this episode, including a young Patrick Macnee, before his famous role in TV's The Avengers.

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