Monday, February 8, 2016


Hosted by John Newland
Guest Stars:  Reginald Owen, Richard Lupino, Philip Tonge, Molly Roden, Eric Snowden
Directed by John Newland
(actor & director credits courtesy

During World War II, a weary contingent of the British Home Guard watch over their village at night, not suspecting the Germans are launching a sneak attack.

A strong British cast takes center stage in this episode, introducing a chapter of history that may not be public knowledge today, when non-trained civilians had to take arms to defend their communities.  The teleplay does an excellent job of introducing us to these characters and making them seem real, as their shortcomings and frustrations are put on display, and Owen gives a fine performance as the central character, a loyal man who despite his age reveres his duty and passionately loves his wife.  The supernatural element is almost an afterthought in the fine drama that commences, but becomes clear in the final moments of the episode.

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