Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Hosted by John Newland
Guest Stars:  Julie Adams, Charles Aidman, Charles Herbert, William Schallert, Roy Glenn
Directed by John Newland
(actor & director credits courtesy

After his release from a sanitarium, an alcoholic tries to reconcile with his wife and son, not realizing that their lives are soon going to be in deadly danger.

Although a fairly predictable outing, the episode's script has some genuine nuggets that will ring true to survivors of personal loss and toxic relationships, and good performances, including a nicely understated turn by Charles Herbert, memorable in films like The Fly and 13 Ghosts, as the son serving as the glue in his father and mother's damaged lives.  It's not as suspenseful as past episodes, with the ending clear from the start, but I still enjoyed it.    

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