Saturday, February 27, 2016


Starring Roy Thinnes
Guest Stars:  Diane Baker, J.D. Cannon, James Daly, John Milford, Ellen Corby
Directed by Joseph Sargent
(actor & director credits courtesy

An architect witnesses a UFO landing, but when the police fail to find any proof, he traces the aliens to a small town where he discovers they are impersonating human beings.

The pilot for an interesting science fiction series, this episode doesn't feature any outstanding special effects, but nevertheless is well-filmed and nicely builds suspense through what is not shown, as we're introduced to a mysterious corporation obviously staffed by aliens we only see in human form, who store strange glass canisters in an abandoned power plant.  Thinnes is fine as the protagonist and is surrounded by a veteran guest cast, including Baker from films like Journey To The Center Of The Earth and Marnie, and Corby playing a murderous old woman in a departure from her usual genteel roles. 

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