Friday, March 25, 2016


Guest Stars: Robert Allen, Ann Loring, Phil Faversham, Alan Drake, Michael Keene
Directed by Leonard Valenta
(actor & director credits courtesy

A physicist prepares to split an atom, eager to create a new power source, but his colleagues race to warn him he may be unleashing armageddon.

Although this subject matter was more timely in the 1950s, and doesn't seem much like science fiction today, the story tells a timely moral that mankind would still be good to heed, about the dangers of unchecked progress, and is delivered by a competent cast.  A nicely staged sequence has the physicist's worried wife turn off the radio saddened by a performance of "September Song" reminding her of their possible impending doom just before a warning to her husband is broadcast.  It's far from the series' best episode, but it's an episode of quality.

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