Sunday, March 6, 2016


Starring Roy Thinnes
Guest Stars:  Mark Richman, Diana Van der Vlis, Arthur Hill, Robert H. Harris, Theo Marcuse
Directed by Paul Wendkos
(actor & director credits courtesy

The executive of a technology company informs David he believes the aliens are going to try and kidnap him, and David suggests he let them, so he can trail them to their secret installation.

Some good sci-fi action and a strong story in which the aliens are kidnapping scientists to extract information from their brains highlight this episode, although a romantic triangle between the executive, his wife, and his best friend doesn't come over as well.  While the special effects don't particularly stand out, the extraction machine's display of key plans and blueprints on its screens as the victim writhes in agony is well executed, and distinguished actors like Harris and Marcuse, portraying the scientists, do an excellent job of showing how the aliens are destroying their minds.

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