Thursday, March 3, 2016

THE INVADERS: The Mutation

Starring Roy Thinnes
Guest Stars:  Edward Andrews, Lin McCarthy, Suzanne Pleshette, Roy Jenson, Rodolfo Hoyos
Directed by Paul Wendkos
(actor & director credits courtesy

After hearing of a reported UFO landing south of the border, David travels there and persuades a beautiful dancer to show him what she saw, not realizing he's been drawn into a trap.

Although this episode reveals a good deal more about the aliens, including the revelations that they're without human emotions and possess deadly ray guns, it's a shame that Pleshette's character, a mutant alien born with feelings, isn't given a bigger role or more time to explain her history.  Pleshette, who is absolutely beautiful, isn't even given a chance for romance with Thinnes, which I think was a wasted opportunity.  Nevertheless, it's an engaging hour.

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