Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Guest Stars:  Lon Chaney, Jr., John Newland, Mary Alice Moore, Peggy Allenby, Raymond Bramley
Directed by Don Medford
(actor & director credits courtesy

Victor Frankenstein secretly assembles an artificial man and brings it to life, but its hideousness and propensity for violence make it a fearsome monster. 

We have here an ambitious undertaking for the series and its budget, especially knowing it would be compared against the film adaptations of the story of Frankenstein, and in particular, Boris Karloff's classic performance.  However, Chaney, who had played the monster before, does manage to bring forth a childlike innocence in a convincing makeup.  Newland, better known for hosting One Step Beyond nearly a decade later, isn't a bad Frankenstein either, although the story is seriously condensed and confined to the castle set housing his laboratory.  It's nowhere near the same league as Karloff's classic films, and doesn't quite capture the themes Mary Shelley described in her novel, but the production certainly does make for interesting viewing.

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