Friday, April 1, 2016


Guest Stars:  Lee J. Cobb, Vinton Hayworth, Cameron Prud'Homme, Harry Townes
Directed by Charles S. Dubin
(actor & director credits courtesy

A corporate executive sets his sights on launching an interstellar rocket, and despite his stockholders'  protests, spends millions of his company's assets to do so.

Lee J. Cobb, best known for his long film career, including roles in On The Waterfront and 12 Angry Men, is well-cast as the fame, money, and power hungry Wayne Crowder, turning in a believable performance as a man who's conquered Wall Street and now wants to conquer space.  He notably flubs some lines in the early scenes of this live broadcast, but otherwise carries the production, and has strong support in Hayworth, Prud'Homme, and Townes, whose character's secret agenda is finally revealed during the climax.  It's not an especially strong script, and the ending is somewhat predictable, but the actors more than engaged my interest.

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