Wednesday, April 27, 2016

THRILLER: The Guilty Men

Hosted by Boris Karloff
Guest Stars:  Everett Sloane, Jay C. Flippen, Frank Silvera, John Marley, Anne Barton
Directed by Jules Bricken
(actor & director credits courtesy

An Italian immigrant becomes a titan of organized crime, but when he tries to phase out his illegitimate businesses, one of his partners aims to get rid of him.

Although not a bad mobster tale, and featuring some fine actors in the guest cast, this episode suffers a bit without any real mystery or suspense, which were supposed to be the series' hallmarks.  Sloane and Flippen both give good performances, but Silvera's characterization borders a bit on caricature.  I can see why the story appealed to the show's producers, structured like a Greek tragedy with a "violence begets violence" plotline, but it doesn't seem to mesh with the rest of the season's installments.

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