Monday, May 16, 2016

THRILLER: Girl With A Secret

Hosted by Boris Karloff
Guest Stars:  Fay Bainter, Paul Hartman, Anne Seymour, Myrna Fahey, Rhodes Reason
Directed by Mitchell Leisen
(actor & director credits courtesy

After learning her husband is a secret agent, a young wife tries to hide his new assignment from his family, but finds it creates only scorn and suspicion towards her.

Although the teleplay depends too much on a number of coincidences to trap the heroine of the story, this isn't a bad hour, with a very distinguished cast that perform their parts well, including an effective  turn by Victor Buono as the episode's principal villain.  Rex Holman's assassin seems patterned a bit too closely after Richard Widmark in the classic noir Kiss Of Death, but it's not a bad spy story and Fahey and Reason make a cute couple.  Co-stars Fahey and Harry Ellerbe would also act together in Roger Corman's House Of Usher, released the same year as this episode.

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