Saturday, May 21, 2016

THRILLER: The Prediction

Hosted by and Starring Boris Karloff
Guest Stars:  Audrey Dalton, Alex Davion, Abraham Sofaer, Alan Caillou, Murvyn Vye
Directed by John Brahm
(actor & director credits courtesy

A mentalist who's entertained audiences for years with his concocted act is shaken when he begins to experience actual visions of death and murder during his performances.

The first episode of the series to feature host Karloff in an acting role as well, it's well tailored to his talents and the distinguished veteran gives a top-drawer performance as the mentalist who after fooling his audience for so long finally has true predictions to make, which are at first dismissed as the ravings of an elderly and ill man.  The plotline is somewhat similar to the 1935 Claude Rains film, The Clairvoyant, but with a more sinister undercurrent, and it's an extremely well-polished episode which also includes fine supporting work by Dalton and Sofaer, a taut script by Donald Sanford, and excellent photography.

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