Friday, May 6, 2016

THRILLER: The Watcher

Hosted by Boris Karloff
Guest Stars:  Martin Gabel, Stu Erwin, Olive Sturgess, Richard Chamberlain, James Westerfield
Directed by John Brahm
(actor & director credits courtesy

A schoolteacher with a psychotic urge to kill the impure stalks a teenager and his girlfriend as they engage in a love affair.

Well-acted but not one of the series' better hours, in my opinion, this episode features Gabel as the titular "Watcher," and he gives a good performance, but we never learn much about him, as the episode seems structured around the scorn afforded to Chamberlain and Sturgess' romance by the community, with Gabel's killer acting on their distaste to an extreme level.  There are some genuinely frightening scenes, but the story's not a particularly strong one, and includes a hard-to-believe sequence where Alan Baxter's sheriff presses a grieving mother far too hard for information about her daughter's death.

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