Monday, July 4, 2016

THE OUTER LIMITS: The Hundred Days Of The Dragon

Guest Stars:  Sidney Blackmer, Phillip Pine, Mark Roberts, Aki Aleong, Richard Loo
Directed by Byron Haskin
(actor & director credits courtesy

An Asian dictator concocts a scheme to gain influence in the White House by replacing a leading candidate for President with his own agent, whose features have been altered to resemble him.

Borrowing its plot from of all things the 1942 Bela Lugosi film Black Dragons, this episode is a less than convincing thriller, although the makeup effects by Fred Phillips, illustrating how drugs can make the human face malleable, are well-done.  With its use of Oriental music and focus on Blackmer's heavy-lidded eyes in a number of scenes meant to show the agent's true origins, the production relies on old stereotypes, rather than finding something creative to say, which seems the antithesis of what this series is supposed to be about.

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