Thursday, July 28, 2016

THE OUTER LIMITS: The Man With The Power

Guest Stars:  Donald Pleasence, Priscilla Morrill, Fred Beir, Frank Maxwell, John Marley
Directed by Laslo Benedek
(actor & director credits courtesy

A college professor, eager to join a scientific laboratory, implants a device in his brain that allows him to control matter with his brain waves, but fails to realize the power his subconscious now has. 

Pleasence is perfectly cast as the gentle professor whose penetrating eyes are showcased in numerous closeups, pointing to the danger behind them while also conveying his desire to be something important.  The teleplay's emphasis on painting his character as a nobody comes across a little strong, down to his wife and his boss telling him he can't chase his dreams because he's too ordinary, which could have been scaled back a little in my opinion.  Nevertheless, this is a strong episode, augmented by very good special effects and Pleasence's convincing performance.

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