Friday, September 30, 2016

THE OUTER LIMITS: The Sixth Finger

Guest Stars:  David McCallum, Jill Haworth, Edward Mulhare, Nora Marlowe, Robert Doyle
Directed by James Goldstone
(actor & director credits courtesy

A professor of genetics creates a device that successfully advances a chimpanzee in evolution, and prepares for his first human test subject, a rebellious coal miner he will advance one million years.

Although the premise for this episode is a compelling one, it's almost a bit too fantastic to believe that a scientist working on his own could have created such a machine.  Nonetheless McCallum's fine performance and Fred Phillips' fantastic makeups help us to suspend our disbelief.  I'm not certain the teleplay takes best advantage of the possibilities of this story, but the production is well-photographed and directed, and offers a fascinating glimpse into our distant future.

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