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Sunday, November 6, 2016

SHERLOCK HOLMES: The Hound Of The Baskervilles, Part Two

Starring Peter Cushing, Nigel Stock
Guest Stars:  Gary Raymond, Gabriella Licudi, Philip Bond, Penelope Lee, George Howe
Directed by Graham Evans
(actor & director credits courtesy

Holmes rejoins Watson to unravel the mysteries behind the attacks on the Baskervilles, but though he knows the identity of the criminal behind them, he must find a way to prove his guilt.

This second installment in the series' adaptation of Conan Doyle's classic novel of the same name is not quite as effective a dramatization as the first part, although it begins promisingly with some wonderful tracking shots as Watson and Baskerville trail a mysterious stranger on the moor.  However once Holmes shows up, the villain's identity is unmasked early, robbing the final climax of some dramatic tension that was present in earlier film adaptations of the story.  The teleplay is certainly a more faithful adaptation, introducing a character ignored by the 1939 and 1959 filmings of the story, but a less exciting one.

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