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Monday, December 5, 2016

THE OUTER LIMITS: The Man Who Was Never Born

Guest Stars:  Martin Landau, Shirley Knight, John Considine, Maxine Stuart, Karl Held
Directed by Leonard Horn
(actor & director credits courtesy

The lone survivor of an apocalyptic future travels back through time to the 1960s where he tries to prevent the man who doomed the human race from ever being born.

While a nice showcase for Landau, who has scenes both in and out of a hideous mutated makeup, the teleplay for this episode is a little puzzling in not allowing Landau to explain why he tries to break up the wedding of the couple who will give birth to the man who created his terrible future.  However, the photography and editing are top drawer, tracking from an unblemished Landau to his twisted true form in several memorable shots.  The makeup itself effectively hides the actor's true features, making each transition when he uses his mental powers to disguise himself very striking.  The production's climax utilizes some of the same ideas employed in Ray Bradbury's famous short story A Sound Of Thunder to illustrate the effect Landau's had in interfering in the past, although nowhere near as memorably.  Nonetheless, this installment offers a worthy opportunity for the viewer to weigh how they would act in order to prevent our annihilation decades in the future.

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