Saturday, January 14, 2017

SHERLOCK HOLMES: The Boscombe Valley Mystery

Starring Peter Cushing, Nigel Stock
Guest Stars:  John Tate, Nick Tate, Jack Woolgar, Michael Godfrey, Heather Kyd
Directed by Viktors Ritelis
(actor & director credits courtesy

Holmes and Watson journey to the inquest of a young man accused of bludgeoning his father to death, and Holmes is determined to find the facts behind the crime.

This installment is a fairly close adaptation of the original story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, which isn't one of the more intricately plotted adventures for the great detective, but I still found it enjoyable with Cushing at the forefront of the tale.  It's unfortunate that some of the guest stars in this episode deliver their dialogue in very thick accents, making it difficult to understand some key snippets of information, but Ritelis does a good job of presenting the tale visually which helped compensate.  Ironically, per IMDB, real-life father and son John and Nick Tate appear in the episode, but not as father and son.

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