Friday, January 6, 2017


Guest Stars:  Peter Breck, Jeff Corey, Joanne Gilbert, Alan Baxter, Harry Townes
Directed by Gerd Oswald
(actor & director credits courtesy

A senator leads an investigation into a murder at a top-secret scientific laboratory, and discovers the surveillance equipment there is contributing to the staff's low morale.

It's curious that this episode reveals the secret behind the O.B.I.T. device so early in the story- if it had not been revealed until the climax, this could have made for an even more gripping teleplay, but that would have probably been more suitable for the twist endings of a series like The Twilight Zone.  Nonetheless, it does rob the episode of some dramatic heft, although there's still some suspense as to what exactly the agenda is behind the device, and the moral the story imparts is a worthy parable for our times.  Another plus is that the acting is uniformly fine throughout- this is the best performance I've ever seen from Peter Breck, and Jeff Corey is almost unrecognizable under heavy-framed glasses.

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