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Sunday, February 26, 2017

THE OUTER LIMITS: Corpus Earthling

Guest Stars:  Robert Culp, Salome Jens, Barry Atwater, Ken Renard, David Garner
Directed by Gerd Oswald
(actor & director credits courtesy

After suffering an accident at his wife's geology lab, a doctor has difficulty getting others to believe when he hears the thoughts of alien rocks out to conquer the world.

One of the nuttiest episodes of the series I've seen thus far, it's difficult at times to take seriously until the rocks change form into tentacled creatures that crawl across the floor, and latch onto the faces of their human victims.  The creatures are so similar to the "face-hugger" form from the Alien movies, one wonders if this might have been an inspiration.  Although makeup supervisor Fred Phillips delivers an effective zombie like makeup for the humans whose minds have been taken over, it's not a terribly captivating story, and the presence of a Mexican mystic who's worked into the plot seems an awkward fit, apparently only around as a device to get Culp to return to his wife after she's been taken over.  Nevertheless, the loony goings on sustained my interest, and the special effects that animate the rocks and transform them are serviceable enough.

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