Sunday, March 5, 2017

SHERLOCK HOLMES: The Blue Carbuncle

Starring Peter Cushing, Nigel Stock
Guest Stars:  Madge Ryan, James Beck, Richard Butler, Michael Robbins, Frank Middlemass
Directed by Bill Bain
(actor & director credits courtesy

The disappearance of a valued gem belonging to a wealthy lady causes her to seek Holmes' aid, but he declines the case until the jewel is found in the gullet of a Christmas goose.

Per IMDB, this was the last episode of the series, and one of only a handful of episodes from the second season a recording still exists for.  It's not a great one, although Cushing plays probably the largest role in this installment among the surviving productions, making this one still worthwhile in my mind.  The guest cast don't give any particularly memorable performances, but the teleplay offers a fairly literate adaptation of Conan Doyle's original story, with only some minor details changed.  Most notable is a rare display of anger by Cushing's Holmes when the thief is finally cornered by him and Watson, the kind of element that makes it regretful there's not more performances by the fine actor as the great detective to study.

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