Friday, April 21, 2017


Guest Stars:  James Shigeta, Ed Nelson, Martin Sheen, Bill Gunn, David Frankham
Directed by John Erman
(actor & director credits courtesy

On a combat mission to engage an alien race that's attacked the Earth, a squad of soldiers are captured by the aliens, who use their abilities to rob the men of their senses to get them to talk.

Lots of familiar faces are featured in this tale from Psycho screenwriter Joseph Stefano, including a young Sheen in one of his early TV credits as well as notable character actors Shigeta, Nelson, Frankham, and even Whit Bissell.  The budget shows a bit in the minimalist sets of the alien prison and the makeup for the aliens is a bit too reminiscent of those used in past episodes of the series.  However, it's a gripping drama with a powerful message and good performances.

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