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Sunday, July 23, 2017

THE OUTER LIMITS: The Borderland

Guest Stars:  Philip Abbott, Gladys Cooper, Nina Foch, Barry Jones, Mark Richman
Directed by Leslie Stevens
(actor & director credits courtesy

An electronics executive agrees to fund a team of scientists' attempt to open a gateway to another dimension, in hopes it will allow him to contact the spirit of his deceased son.

Series creator Leslie Stevens both wrote and directed this installment, and the setup is very intriguing,  contrasting the earnest experiment of Richman's scientist against Cooper's seance which unmasks her as a phony mystic.  A number of other interesting wrinkles are added to the plot including the injury Richman suffers in an initial experiment, and the greed of an executive trying to manipulate a company takeover.  However, the payoff in the episode's closing moments is somewhat disappointing, preferring to keep things shrouded in mystery rather than introduce us to the new world we've been anticipating.  Still, this is a tightly edited and suspenseful drama, and Foch in particular gives a performance to remember as Richman's dedicated wife and collaborator.

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