Greetings, and welcome to CLASSICS ON THE TUBE. Here you'll find capsule reviews of vintage TV series episodes from the early days of television through the 1970s, with a special emphasis on sci-fi, horror, and mystery series. Be sure to check out the Pages links, where you can find an index of episodes reviewed for each television series.

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When reviewing the large amount of television productions that encompass the entries in this blog, I want to make sure I give credit where credit is due.  My intention is for any opinions expressed to be my own, but I will frequently include trivia or important points from other sources where relevant to examination of the given film. is an invaluable resource and I frequently look up the actor and director credits there for inclusion in my entries, as the names appearing in production credits are not always accurate or contain pseudonyms.  I will be adding a reference to each blog entry to make certain that is clear.  Whenever referencing a trivia note or fact from IMDB's pages, I will mention that in the entry as well. is another valued resource for researching facts about a film as well as behind the scenes information.  Although it is often maintained by anonymous sources and not 100% accurate, by and large I've observed it to be pretty accurate as far as film history is concerned, although any information I reference from Wikipedia I've also often seen published by other sources.  When mentioning facts from Wikipedia, I will directly reference them in my blog entries.

Both these sources are secondary and not primary sources, so would recommend anybody further interested in learning the truth about facts or trivia I reference in blog entries, to review the references quoted by IMDB and Wikipedia for a more unfiltered examination of these productions.

This blog is for entertainment purposes only, and productions discussed in these pages are of course the property of their individual studios, distributors, and rights holders.

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